PC and Mac Computer Repair Services

1. Diagnostics

We'll check everything inside your PC to find any problems using our proprietary analysis techniques.

2. Tune-Up

PC running a little bit slow? We'll run a series of advanced analysis tests to optimize your computer.

3. Advanced Repair

Sometimes there are major issues with your computer, advanced repair will dig all the way to the bottom to find what's causing you problems.

Custom Built PCs

We offer fully customizable PCs, fully tested and assembled in our shop. We use only high quality parts that meet your specifications, whether it's a basic office PC, an overclocked watercooled gaming rig or a large capacity storage server. Get a PC made for you, not everyone else.

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Cell Phone Repair

Shattered screen? Dead logic board? We've got you covered. We repair hundreds of different devices, iPhone or Android.

OEM Repairs
We will replace any part with its sibling part directly from the manufacturer.
Stock Repairs
We will replace any part with a 3rd party manufactured part. Inexpensive and high quality.
software analysis
hardware check-up
detailed health summary
full system diagnostic
advanced optimization
junkware/adware clean-up
malicious software scans
full system diagnostic
full system tune-Up
hardware replacement
operating system re-install
advanced optimization

We are Eagle's only computer repair shop, in business for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of computer repair services to get your systems running right. Have a question? Come visit our shop and speak with our technicians, call us at (208) 939-4353, or send us an email at support@bitsmart.net